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Shizuki Mutsumi

Dancer Of Nihonbuyo: Japanese Traditional Dance


Japanese dancer Wakayanagi Ryu Mutsumikai Shihan

Shizuki Mutsumi


Not only as a dancer, but also choreographer, stage planning, directing, and styling.


Born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

From the age of two, studied under Fuyuki Wakayanagi, the same teacher as her grandmother and mother.

Currently, as a master, he also conveys the charm of Japanese dance as a traditional performing art.

More familiar as art entertainment that resonates with the present age

In addition, we also carry out activities in contemporary music that is not limited to classical and Japanese music, in order to widely disseminate it to the world.

Aiming to be beautiful not only in Japanese dance, but also in daily gestures and manners

We are pursuing the beauty of Japan through kimono by providing "Kimono Beauty Workshop" and posing guidance to make the kimono look more beautiful at the shooting site.

In addition, he participates in photography and video works as a model of Japanese hair and kimono, and is working on the goal of creating works that are timeless and beautiful.

​ Appeared in the tourism PR video " NAGAI TIMES " in Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture.

Starring in a total of 7 videos currently released

( Yamagata​Nagai Tourism Bureau HP )


*Media information

Official writer of " KIMONO BIJIN" , a community media for kimono girls

◆ Appeared on Chiba TV "Shukubo Nau" (2017)

◆ Appeared in the image PV of the hotel "Moxy Kyoto Nijo" (2021)

◆ "NIVEA  UV Deep Protect & Care" Web CM

Guest appearance at CM recital

Behavior guidance to Minami Tanaka, Mahiru Gunbararuya, and Yoshiko (2022)

Shizuki Mutsumi Dancer of Nihonbuyo: Japanese traditional dance wearing Kimono.

Dancer, Choreography, Direction, Styling

Activities based in Kyoto.

Since 2 years old, became a disciple of Fuyuki Wakayagi Nihon Buyo master.

Debuted in 1986 and Since debuted, I have appeared every year.

President of Shizuki Mutsumi Nihon Buyo class from 2011,

performanced at Paris in 2016 and  Japan Expo18 in Paris for 2days in 2017. (The Shizuki Tourpe)

Also Nihon Buyo performance & Workshop held in Amsterdam in 2017. 

Shizuki starring in Yamagata Nagai city's tourism promotion movie " NAGAI TIMES ".




Became a student of Fuyuki Wakayanagi and started Japanese dance  



Established Shizukisha and started teaching Japanese dance


Taking advantage of the expressive power cultivated in Japanese dance, start modeling with Japanese hair and kimono works

With that as a trigger, we started receiving requests for Japanese dance performances at the event.


Mutsuki Mutsumi Solo performance in Paris, France (LE COMPTOIR GÉNÉRAL)



Beauty JAPON Kyoto Kodaiji Performance



Paris triumphal debriefing session "Autumn is dusk and the end of the sun is a dance party" (Kyoto )



Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture Tourism PR video "NAGAI TIMES" starring



Chiba TV "Shukubo Nau" appearance

2017 / 7 

Japan EXPO in PARIS (Nor Ville Punt Exhibition Hall)

Shizuki Mutsumi Performance in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (JAPAN CULTUAL EXCHANGE)



Performed by Artistic Ballet Gala (NHK Hall Osaka, Hyogo Performing Arts Center)



Shizukisha Chu Paris & Amsterdam Triumphal Performance (Kyoto)



Japanese festival at Alvarette Elementary School, 5th arrondissement, Paris, France


Mieko Ueda Cosmetology 40th Anniversary Show Appearance (ROHM Theater North Hall)

Kamigamo Mizuki Festival Dedication (Kyoto Kamigamo Shrine)

World Taiwan Conference (Tokyo Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa)



ODORIKO KIKI IPPATSU (Osaka Christon Bar )



Chizu Snow Festival "Japanese Heart-Songs and Dances-" (Tottori Ryuginzan Kounji)


2019/3 _

Japanese dance performance and workshop at Awajishima Kimono event "Daily Koreyoshiki"

Futatsuki Dochu at the same event (Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture)



Shizuki Mutsumi Performance at New Mongolian Academy (Ulaanbaatar)

Appeared in "Japan-Mongolia Friendship Reform Memorial Art Label Arts Festival" in Shizukisha (National Museum of Modern Art, Mongolia )

Mongolian performance "Japanese Kacho Fugetsu", workshop (Mongolian Japanese Material Center)



Shizukisha Chu Christmas Show & Party "Welcome to the Moon World" (Kobe)


Shizuki Mutsumi "Moxy Kyoto Nijo" Image PV appearance


Appeared in "KOZU Festival" (Osaka Mielparque Hall)

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