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睦静紀 日本舞踊教室 いろはにほへと

You can now easily make inquiries from the official LINE of the classroom.

Admission fee and other membership fees
​Admission fee

In our classroom, we have an admission fee as a prop fee and preparation fee necessary for lessons.

10,000 yen (including dance fan, hand towel, and preparation fee)
Seasonal membership fee
5,000 yen (three times a year / July / December / January)
​Kyoto classroom / Amagasaki classroom

Kyoto classroom

Lesson day   Weekdays 10: 00-20: 30 Other consultation

Access   Hankyu Omiya Station

Amagasaki Classroom   * Some people are recruited

Lesson day  Sunday time zone is negotiable

Access   JR  Tachibana Station, Koshienguchi Station

  Hanshin Bus (Amagasaki City Line)

​Monthly fee
120 minutes a month (negotiable allocation)
⑴ 30 minutes x 4 times ⑵ 40 minutes x 3 times ⑶ 60 minutes x 2 times
Adult  10,000 yen
High school student   9,000 yen
Student ①  8,000 yen (3rd grade to 3rd grade of junior high school)
Student ②  6,000 yen (up to the second grade of elementary school) * 3 times a month

We will inform you of the detailed location of each classroom when you contact us.


・ We will visit your home or a designated place.

・ Negotiable on the day of the week for lessons

60 minutes per person / 8,000 yen   (+ transportation fee if far away)  

* For Kyoto city or within 60 minutes from Kyoto city

* If there is a venue fee, please bear it.

​ 1 song master course

Why don't you perform Japanese dance at an event or when you go abroad?

First of all, for those who want to be able to dance one song by the desired day.

This course is recommended for busy people as you can practice according to your schedule.

1 person / 1 time 30 minutes (60 minutes) x 10 times (5 times) * Within 4 months
Fee 38,000 yen (including tool usage fee and dance fan fee)
Place Kyoto, Amagasaki classroom

* No admission fee required ​​

Trial lesson

For those who want to experience Japanese dance once


60 minutes per person / 6,000 yen

We will teach you carefully while answering various questions.

We also welcome applications with friends.

* The experience is for adults, but if you are a parent and child, you can experience it for free up to one child.

​ Necessary items ・ Training clothes rental
What you need

Kimono or yukata set (the hem is an andon type)

□ White socks

□ Mai Folding Fan (You will receive it when you join)

Those who do not have a kimono or yukata​

It can be rented for a fee. Please apply in advance.

① Empty-handed course (yukata, obi, string, socks) …… 1,000 yen / time

② Yukata, obi only …… 500 yen / time

* All displayed amounts include consumption tax. The prices listed are subject to change without notice.
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