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In order to acquire a stunning gesture and a beautiful konashi

Would you like to start Japanese dance?

睦静紀 日本舞踊教室 いろはにほへと
睦静紀 日本舞踊 教室


Japanese dance pursues beautiful movements in kimono.

It is necessary to be aware of the points that are different from the movements in clothes when you stand and walk beautifully in kimono.

We will practice from such a basic way of movement, so of course even beginners are welcome!

Nihon-buyo is recommended not only for full-scale lessons aimed at Natori, but also for those who want to learn the basics of walking in kimono, how to carry beautiful limbs, and how to do delicate things such as looking at them.

If you are worried about starting suddenly, please use trial lessons and workshops held irregularly ♪


Feel free to apply or inquire

First of all, please contact us from the official LINE of the Japanese Dance Class or by email .

Shizuki Mutsumi

"I'm interested, but it seems to be difficult ..."
"I can't even wear a kimono myself ..."
"I have no experience of dancing ..."
Even for such beginners
​ You can start Japanese dance!
お稽古 コースしょコース詳細

Lessons / Course details

It is a classroom where you can receive direct guidance from Japanese dancer Mutsumi , who is active both in Japan and overseas.

You can now easily make inquiries from the official LINE of the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions  Q & A
Q1. I have no experience in dancing. Can I start even if I can't dress myself?
Yes, we will practice carefully from the beginning, so feel free to challenge yourself.
​ Most of the disciples actually started from completely inexperienced.
Q2. I want to be Natori, I want to attend a recital, etc.
If you wish, you can not only practice for Natori, but also visit hospitals and welfare facilities, and perform at review meetings.
Q3. I'm not good at appearing in public, and I'm worried about costs. Can you feel free to practice?
Since the recital and Natori are only for those who wish, we can practice according to your request. In addition, there is no unreasonable solicitation or sale of kimono and tools. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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